Power of Attorney

For Egyptian nationals:

  1. A valid passport or Identification card
  2. Full details of the person for whom the Power of Attorney is to be made.
  3. Contract of ownership if applicable
  4. Fee oF GBP20


For Non-Egyptians: The Consulate do not issue Power of Attorney, it only legalises them.

  1. Consult your solicitor to prepare the Power of Attorney
  2. Legalise it from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
  3. Follow the procedures for “Legalisation of Documents”

N.B. If the Power of Attorney is for commercial use, the fees are GBP44, otherwise the fees are GBP20.

Police Clearance


  1. Must attend in person at the Consulate to take fingerprints.
  2. Valid passport
  3. Full address in Egypt
  4. 1 passport size photo
  5. Fees of GBP 25
  6. This process takes 6 to 8 weeks

Requirements for Marriage and certification of non-Egyptian marriage certificates:

  1. The couple must attend in person and have their valid passports with them.
  2. Birth certificate of each spouse
  3. 5 photographs of each spouse.
  4. Fees is GBP 185 plus an additional fee of GBP 8 for photocopying marriage certificate in case of dowry not being specified, in case of specified dowry, a relative fee is charged.
  5. Foreign marriage certificates can be legalised given that the original marriage certificate is provided and Legalised by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (a photocopy legalised by the Foreign Office is also accepted.)
  6. In case of the wife having a previous marriage, a declaration of Divorce, legalised by the competent authorities should be provided.
  7. If the wife is less than 21 years of age, her legal guardian must attend and recognize his consent to the marriage.
  8. In case the wife/husband is non-Egyptian, a “non-impediment certificate” issued by the authorities in her/his homeland must be provided.
  9. Two witnesses must attend having their valid passports with them. Please note that the provision of witnesses is the responsibility of the couple and not the Consulate.
  10. The couple are required to undertake the following medical tests:
    • Full medical examination and full medical history.
    • Obligatory lab tests (complete blood picture, random blood sugar, RH factor ).
    • Complementary tests when needed ( thalassemia , hepatitis C virus, genitor urinary tests)
    • Medical advice according to the previous tests results .
    • issuing medical certificates for the applicant
Requirements for marriage in Egypt
  • Non-Impediment Certificate ( FROM REGISTRY OFFICE) or a ‘Statutory Declaration’ from the British Embassy in Cairo
  • The non-impediment certificate must be legalised at the Consulate (kindly check legalisation section on our website)
  • Valid passports of both spouses
  • We strongly advise that the marriage is done at the register office in Cairo
  • It is recommended to check the website of the British Embassy in Cairo


Nationality Applications

Acquiring Egyptian Nationality from Egyptian Husband:

  1. Both the husband and wife must attend in person
  2. A complete application form must be completed by the wife
  3. Fees of GBP 2,640
  4. Marriage Certificate
  5. Husband’s Egyptian Birth Certificate, and his father’s or uncle’s or auntie’s Egyptian Birth Certificate
  6. Wife’s Birth Certificate
  7. 4 passport size photos (white background)
  8. Providing a statement every 6 months proving that the marriage is still valid, to be signed by both husband and wife at the Consulate
  9. The nationality certificate will be issued after 2 years of original application


شروط اكتساب أبناء الزوجة المصرية- من أب أجنبي – للجنسية المصرية


  1. Son/ daughter has to be of sound mind and good conduct, conversant in Arabic and has a legitimate means of livelihood.
  2. Son/daughter must hold a permanent residence in the Arab Republic of Egypt
  3. The following documents must be provided:
    • Birth certificate of son/daughter
    • Foreign passport of son/daughter
    • Academic qualification of son/daughter
    • Police clearance of son/daughter for those aged above 16 years
    • Birth certificate of the mother
    • Birth certificate of the mother’s father
    • Egyptian Passport/ID of the mother
    • Marriage certificate of the mother
    • Divorce certificate in case the parents are divorced.
  4. The previously mentioned documents must be submitted to the to the Immigration and Nationality Department in Cairo either by the applicant himself or his official agent or not through the Egyptian Embassies or Consulates abroad.
Egyptian nationals acquiring British nationality

Obtaining British citizenship by naturalization ear while retaining or not retaining the Egyptian nationality


  1. 3 photographs
  2. A complete application form
  3. Photocopies of the applicant’s British and Egyptian passports
  4. Photocopy of the applicant’s British citizenship certificate or British birth certificate
  5. Photocopy of the applicant’s birth certificate
  6. Photocopy of the birth certificate of the applicant’s father or paternal uncle or aunt
  7. Photocopy of the applicant’s ID
  8. The military recruitment triple number or the certificate of mititary service completion.
  9. Fees of GBP 4.5
Divorce Matters

Divorce or legalisation of divorce

Please note that an appointment is required in order for the divorce to take place at the Consulate.

  1. The divorcing couple must attend in person at the Consulate, along with two witnesses
  2. Valid passports of both spouses in addition to the marriage certificate, which must be legalised by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs if the marriage took place in Egypt
  3. Divorce could be reactionary (the husband is entitled to return his wife in 3 months and ten days without a dowry or a new contract), or may be a separation ( the husband can only return his wife only upon her consent and with a new contract and a new dowry)
  4. Fees of GBP 215
  5. The Consulate can legalise divorce that took place in any of the Islamic centre’s or British courts ( the same previously-mentioned conditions apply)
  6. Please note that the provision of witnesses is the sole responsibility of the divorcing couple and not the Consulate.
Army Services

Military Service Exemption
Requirements for obtaining exemption from military service for dual nationality holders

  1. A completed application form ( fees of GBP 15)
  2. A completed household registration (fees of GBP 10)
  3. A photocopy of the permit for obtaining foreign nationality
  4. Birth Certificate, photocopy of the passport and Birth Certificate of the father
  5. ID card and photocopies of both the Egyptian and foreign passports
  6. Photocopy of the military recruitment card, if exists
  7. Military number

For further enquiries , please contact the Defence Office in London
(Tel: 02074932649, Fax: 02074953573)

Birth Certificates

Egyptian Birth Certificates


  1. The original British birth certificate
  2. Parents’ valid passports
  3. Parents’ official marriage certificate
  4. Complete application form-lodged at the Consulate
  5. Fees of 20 GPB during first 3 months of birth and 40 GPB when applying after 3 months of birth
  6. A photograph of the child
  7. If the mother has converted to Islam, the conversion certificate is required
Copies of official documents

Official transcript of the following documents can be obtained from the Consulate:


Birth Certificates – Death Certificates – Marriage Certificates- Divorce Certificates.
Fees range between GBP 10 and GBP 50 (See Consular Fees)
Procedures are as follows:

  1. Applicant has to come to the Consulate in person, complete the relevant application form and pay the fees ( providing the original required document or a photocopy)
  2. The application is sent by the Consulate to the competent authorities in The Arab Republic of Egypt
  3. Upon return of the document, the applicant will be asked to come to the Consulate to collect his document
Work permits


Renewal of Work Permits


  1. A letter from the employer
  2. The original work permit
  3. Original or photocopy of applicant’s passport
  4. Work Permit can be renewed for a few years
  5. Fees of GBP 85 for university degree holders and GBP 75 for non-university degree holders
  6. In the event of changing the foreign employer, the permit will not be issued from the Consulate unless an approval is obtained from the General Department of Work Permits in Cairo
  7. In the event of changing employer, the first work permit must be obtained from the Work Permit offices in the Arab Republic of Egypt
Repatriation of deceased's Egyptian body to Egypt

Repatriation of Deceased’s Egyptian Body to Egypt Procedures


  1. British Death certificate and passport of the deceased
  2. One of the relatives of the deceased has to complete the Repatriation/Shipment documents
  3. After the completion of the required shipment documents, the body has to be brought to the Consulate, in order to receive the Consulate stamp.
  4. The shipping documents are handed to the deceased’s family.
  5. This service is free of charge

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